School Board

Each ACT government school has a School Board as a way of sharing authority and responsibility with the local school community. The partnership of parents, teachers and students has been a fundamental principle in the ACT school system since its inception. It is based on the common aim of parents, teachers and students for high quality education of children. It recognises the family and school community as the two strongest influences on the development of children and recognises the importance of a collegial relationship between them.

School Boards are based on two principles:

  • School communities should have decision making responsibilities and should be able to determine their own educational policies
  • Decision making at the school level should effectively involve teachers, parents/carers, students and the Education Directorate

One of the strengths of the ACT education system is that parents, teachers and students participate in school decision-making through the School Board. The Board provides a formal mechanism for parents, staff and students to have their views taken into account when decisions are made.

Equally important is the Board accountability, which ensures, through checking, that decisions are implemented in the way that the Board determined.

The deliberations and decisions of the Board should be communicated to all members of the school community on a regular basis. This is usually done through the school's newsletter, but may also be an agenda item at meetings of students, parents and staff.

Majura's 2019 School Board members are:

Member NameTitle
Carolyn GodwinParent Representative - Board Chair
Sonya HoganParent Representative
Amit BarkeyParent Representative
Daniel ZobelSchool Principal
Jason LawrenceTeacher Representative
Maia Parker-SloanTeacher Representative
VacantCommunity Representative