Friendly Schools Plus

Friendly Schools is the first anti-bullying initiative for schools developed through extensive research with Australian children and adolescents. It is recognised nationally and internationally as a comprehensive, evidence-based framework that can reduce bullying behaviour. The Friendly Schools initiative has been designed to align with both the Australian Curriculum and the National Safe Schools Framework.

Image of Friendly Schools Plus AreaImage of Friendly Schools Plus Area Image of Friendly Schools Plus Area

Friendly School Plus was introduced to Majura Primary in 2013 and is embedded throughout our everyday teaching and is aligned with our school values. Our teaching and learning programs focus on developing and practising important social and emotional understandings and skills. These understandings and skills are grouped into five key areas:

  • Self-awareness skills help us to recognise and understand our feelings and value our strengths and abilities.
  • Self-management skills enable us to handle and direct our emotions in appropriate ways.
  • Social awareness skills help us to be aware and respectful of the feelings and perspectives of others.
  • Relationship skills aid us in dealing positively with relationship problems and other social conflicts.
  • Social decision-making skills allow us to consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others and make thoughtful, effective decisions.

At Majura Primary, Friendly Schools Plus is explicitly taught from preschool to year 6. For more information please visit Friendly Schools website