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At Majura Primary School we recognise the importance of being literate in today's world. We aim to ensure that all students achieve and develop the essential literacy skills to become lifelong learners. Literacy is taught explicitly across the school across all the strands of reading, writing, spelling, oral language, grammar and punctuation. There is a whole school approach and consistent programming K-6 that is guided by the Australian Curriculum content descriptors, and the identification of students learning needs.

The aim of the English programs at Majura Primary is to produce confident, competent and independent readers and writers. A variety of procedures and strategies are used to explicitly teach and guide along with opportunities for practise, and the transfer of skills into other learning areas. The language for writing is based around writing traits which form the following acronym: VOICES. Engaging writers use all of the elements to construct an effective piece of writing, V - Voice, O - Organisation, I - Ideas, C - Conventions, E - Excellent word choice, S - sentence Fluency.

At Majura Primary School we aim to model a love of reading and immerse students in quality literature. Every day students have the opportunity to read and be read to, practising their skills in groups or independently, and get involved in conversations and activities related to their reading. In our junior classes reading groups occur daily between 9am and 9:20 am with parent volunteers welcome to assist these groupings. We teach a number of reading strategies based on work from Sheena Cameron and First Steps, to assist students in their fluency and comprehension.

Similarly, when teaching writing, a number of strategies are used to ensure students develop the skills necessary to produce quality written texts that include a variety of text types. Teachers model the writing process to students as a whole class or in small groups. Often groups will use a shared experience, such as going on an excursion or cooking, to jointly construct a piece of writing. Students have opportunities to write independently and work on the writing goals set. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and language features are also explicitly taught and linked to the writing process. Each year Majura Primary students are involved in the school Writer's Festival where they have the freedom to explore the theme for that year.

Further information regarding literacy strategies used each term and for each grade level will be included in the teaching and learning overviews each term.

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