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An inquiry-based approach has the potential to increase intellectual engagement and foster deep understanding through a hands-on, minds-on and ‘research-based’ teaching and learning approach.

At Majura Primary, teaching teams work collaboratively to develop dynamic integrated inquiry based units of learning. These inquiries are based on the Australian Curriculum and are designed to build upon the students' interests, and develop the essential skills and understandings that we believe are critical for students learning.  These units provide a valuable context for students to display their understanding, knowledge and skills. Students are involved in differentiated activities that are intellectually demanding and connected to the world beyond the classroom. Host curriculum areas for inquiry can be based on Humanities and Social Sciences, K-6 History and Geography, years 3-6 Civics and Citizenship, and years 5-6 Economics and Business as well as Science based inquiries based around the four key strands of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences.

Inquiry based learning involves learners in:

Rainforest Box construction