At Majura Primary School we recognise the importance of being numerate in today's society. We explicitly teach concepts and strategies to ensure that all students develop high levels of numeracy skills, and that these strategies are built upon throughout a child's primary education. At Majura Primary the Australian Curriculum is used to guide the planning, teaching and assessment cycle in mathematics as well as assessing the learning needs of individual students and providing support or extension where needed.

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Students operate in various learner groupings during mathematics sessions. They may work individually, in small groups, whole class, and in some years, year level groupings. Hands on activities provide opportunities for students to develop strong foundations for mathematical concepts.

Influenced by Rob Vingerhoets, teachers provide a strategies approach to problem solving. More information and fun games for home can be found on Rob's website. Time is also spent unpacking the 'language' of mathematics as this enhances the learning of concepts and skills taught. We explicitly teach and encourage students to develop and effectively use mental computation strategies in all their mathematical work. Regular practise of key mathematical facts supports the foundation of numeracy development. Teachers commit to making mathematical learning 'real' by providing real world contexts for the application of learnt skills and concepts.

Further information about the mathematics program at Majura is available in the teaching and learning overviews sent home each term.

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