Communicating to Parents

Majura Primary School is committed to regular communication between teachers and parents about the on-going progress of children. Teachers are always willing to talk about and explain educational programs, and to discuss children's individual progress or other matters of concern. Parents are welcome to contact the school or class teacher to make an appointment.

There are a number of avenues for communication on student progress.

Getting to Know You Interviews (Term 1)

This initial interview is important for building relationships with teachers and families. It is an opportunity to set learning goals for the year, and discuss any special circumstances, social or learning needs specific to your child. Notes and details about appointment times are sent out early in term 1.

Mid-year and End of Year Reports (Term 2 & Term 4)

There are two formal reporting periods during the year. Reports are all aligned to the Australian Curriculum and indicate student performance against year level achievement standards. The achievement standards describe the extent of knowledge, depth of understanding and skills that would be typically acquired and demonstrated by a student at each year level.

The Majura Primary School report is based around the reporting on English, mathematics, inquiry (dependent on the inquiry taught at each year level), The Arts, French, Health and Physical Education. Inquiry units will provide assessment on any of the following Australian Curriculum content areas, science, the humanities (Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business), Technologies (design and digital).

Teachers provide feedback on student application to learning, giving insight into the attitudes and values students brings to specific areas of learning. Scaled achievement ('Beginning, Developing, Established, Highly Competent & Outstanding') which indicate the extent to which your child has demonstrated acquisition of the skills and content taught using the achievement standards. Student's commitment to learning, based around our school values, is reported on against a four point application scale ranging from 'rarely' to 'always'. Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities are also acknowledged through this report. A general comment is also provided that communicates additional learning achievements, areas for ongoing monitoring or development, social development and progression towards personal learning goals.

Mid-year Parent Teacher Interviews (Term 2)

Interviews are scheduled at the end of Term 2, as an opportunity to discuss academic progress of students. This time is used to review learning goals and discuss questions regarding mid-year reports. Mid-year reports are sent home prior to interviews so the report can inform the discussion at the interview..

Learning Journeys (Term 3)

Learning Journeys are held towards the end of term 3, and provide an opportunity for parent/carers and families to visit the school and celebrate learning in their child's class. Activities are set up for parents to engage in and students are proud to show off their learning achievements. To provide quality time in the classroom we will invite families to make a scheduled appointment on the learning journey day, with a maximum of six families attending at one time. More specific information is sent home during term 3.

Student Portfolios

Portfolios demonstrate aspects of your child's learning over the year. Drafts and polished work samples are included to demonstrate knowledge, skills, strategies and applications in each of the taught key learning areas throughout the year. Descriptions are attached to most work samples to provide an understanding of the task, expectations and learning outcomes associated with each piece of work . These portfolios are a great way for students to explain and discuss their learning and growth throughout the year with their parents/carers and families.

Students in years five and six will also begin to create an e-portfolio that they can then continue to use beyond primary school.

Term Letters

By the end of week 1 each term each year level will send home a term overview that provides more detailed information regarding the teaching and learning focus for each learning area, as well as relevant timetables for specialist programs and the kitchen garden program. The purpose of these overviews is to provide information that supports the students learning at home and connect families to what is happening at school. We encourage parents to regularly discuss the learning that is taking place at school and build connections between school and the world around them.


Every week the Majura News is published online on our website each Friday, and a link to the current edition is emailed out to families. Please make sure we have an up to date email address to ensure our digital distribution list is current. Should you require a paper copy please contact the front office.

Each edition includes a Spotlight on Learning where student learning is celebrated. Year level teaching teams will provide examples of student learning, photographs and brief overviews of the learning taking place in the classrooms.

The Majura News also includes information about P & C activities, the Kitchen Garden, and many other items of general interest to the school community.