Specialist Programs


At Majura Primary School students in Years 3 - 6 engage in a French language program. Once a week, students are taught by the French specialist teacher where they learn about the French language and culture and make comparisons between France and Australia. Each term the focus changes. Students will learn about family, greetings, food, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colours just to name a few of our topics. Students will also learn useful phrases and be able to hold a simple conversation. This is achieved through fast-paced, interactive and engaging activities including songs, co-operative games, books and digital media.

The Arts

At Majura Primary we have a focus on The Arts. Across the year, all students from Preschool to Year 6 participate in Arts lessons with our specialist teachers to experience and explore art disciplines such as music, dance, drama, media and visual arts. Students have opportunities to create, perform and respond within the Arts Curriculum during these lessons.

Sustainability in Action at Majura Primary

Sustainability is a specialist release program provided to all Preschool to Year 2 children. Students take part in a 45 minute lesson which covers understandings from either HAAS or Science Achievement Standards for a semester. The two sustainability teachers provide a grade on students’ school semester based reports which is based on the level of understanding and aptitudes.

The school sustainability program aims to prepare students progressing into Year 3 for their upcoming experiences of the school’s well established and highly regarded kitchen and garden program. Sustainability experiences will include students having hands on learning and real- life applications – including taking part in local and national sustainability projects and competitions. Students learn about Australian and international animal species and habitats and problem solve issues including waste management and energy efficiency through striving to improve the school’s performance in these two areas.

The school gardens, Naturescapes playground and local community spaces such as the, Watson Microforest,  Watson Woodlands and Mount Majura will be points of exploration especially as the school takes part in national days of participation including ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, World Environment Day and the ‘Aussie Backyard Bird Count’.

HAAS topics will aim to respect the ongoing positive connection and influence of our Indigenous people on their land so that students develop a richer understanding of the ways Indigenous people have respected the Australian environment through their practices and culture. Students will also explore their own connections with nominated special natural, constructed and managed places.

Students in Years 3 to 6 will have the opportunity to adopt a leadership role in the school’s environmental action group meeting weekly school lunchtimes. This group will be involved in promoting whole school events and coordinating the school’s sustainable improvements such as energy efficiency and waste management.

We look forward to working with our student, parent and local community to positively improve our immediate school environment and the future of our country and one earth.