The Majura Kitchen Garden

A place where children grow, harvest, prepare and share

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Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program is dedicated to providing children with a pleasurable food learning journey. Students love kitchen and garden classes because they are fun. This engaging environment explicitly demonstrates the intrinsic link between the garden, the kitchen and the table where children grow and harvest fresh, seasonal produce to prepare into delicious, nutritious food, shared together around the table with classmates, teachers and volunteers.

Our Garden Specialist

Philippa  Lawrence-

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The program is central to the academic experience of all children during their time at Majura providing hands-on understanding of literacy, numeracy, science and much more. Children also learn life skills they can take beyond the classroom helping them make healthier choices into the future.

KItchen Garden

Our recipe for effective food education includes:

As the Demonstration School for ACT and surrounding region, in partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Foundation, we provide professional development and support to educators to implement and maintain kitchen garden programs at their schools. Our aim is to help create a supportive network of kitchen garden programs across the region so that more children can reap the benefits such programs.

All children from Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in this program. A weekly session is allocated in the term timetable with different year levels attending each term. The sessions are week about, either in the garden or in the kitchen. Parent volunteers are encouraged to come and assist so students to get the most out of each session.

For more information and recipes please visit the Majura Kitchen Garden website.


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