School Board

School Board

Each government school in the ACT is administered by a school board whose membership comprises the school principal, two elected staff members, three elected members of the parent body and a nominee of the Education Directorate. Elected members normally serve for a two year period.

2022 Board Members

Member NameTitle
Peter YoungParent and Citizen's member and Chair (ph: 0418 787 922)
Penny EdwardsParents and Citizens member
Andrew ConleyParent and Citizens member and Deputy Chair (ph:0411 149 279)
Laura PerrettStaff member
Bruce GoodfellowStaff member
Liz BobosSchool Principal
VacantAppointed member, usually someone from the community; they are often referred to as the "community representative"

The Board is the policy making body of the school. Its major functions are to:

Responsibility for the implementation of policies and guidelines established by the Board rests with the Principal and staff.

The Board meets twice a term. Parents are informed about the work of the Board through a report at each P&C meeting and through the Newsletter. Staff members also receive a report at staff meetings.