Year 5

Year 5

We are so pleased to welcome your child to year 5. This year, all year 5 classes will work together in collaborative environments where two teachers will bring their different strengths and experiences to the combined cooperating classroom.

We have commenced the year setting class routines and expectations and are delighted to see how all classes have settled so beautifully.  The respect that each student is giving to themselves, others and our school is great. Our year 5 students are readily taking responsibility for themselves, class practices and their learning.  As each child continues to do and be the best, they can be we have high expectations that great learning, discovery and understanding will be achieved.

Apache Trout - Adam Hellyar

Aroura Trout- Jess Sklenar

Tiger Trout-  Bruce Goodfellow-

Rainbow Trout-  Jane Phippen