Year 1

Year 1

We are so pleased to welcome you to term 2. We hope you had a restful break!

Term 2 is going to be another busy term full of exciting learning experiences.  We would like to share with you some of the learning students will engage with this term.


We will be writing to entertain this term, using various text types to explore structure and express our ideas. In spelling lessons, we will focus on words from the letters and sounds program in addition to high frequency words.

We are passionate about students practising reading and stress the importance of reading each night at home, for at least 15 minutes. This can be listening to reading, reading to someone or reading to self. It is also important to discuss the story (asking and answering questions) afterwards to strengthen comprehension. Reading skills (fluency, word recognition and comprehension) will be reinforced during reading lessons in the classroom, too.


During term 2, we will practise skip counting, addition, subtraction, length and data collection. The students will use different counting strategies when working with numbers, use informal units for measuring length (such as counters and pencils) and ask questions to collect data and describe data displays (such as bar and picture graphs).


Changes - We will continue our learning about changes this term, with a focus on everyday life (including toys, communication, transport and clothing).

Students will have opportunities to respond to questions about the recent past, in particular:

If students have the opportunity to ask these questions at home and would like to share their families’ responses, we would love to hear them!

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.

Watermelons - Ali Gattuso

Rockmelons -  Jessica Bell

Awesome Apple Berries - Christine Worland

Cool Bananas - Leanne Nyman

Magical Mangoes - Neelam Rikhi